09 / 11 / 17
hi folks
this is the latest update, since a lot
in 2017 i've been busy as fuck dubbing shitloads of tapes and recording stuff
touring and hiking in the beautiful Alps, and playing with my projects...

now i've some more releases to pack for the end of this year, and in particular
new tapes from Surgelati Magazine, Fuc Lerrari, and Molestia Auricularum (in process)
a very upcoming cassette by Melting Mind (a super-group comprising of me, Matteo Poggi,
Virginia Genta , David Vanzan, and Gabriele Gotini, experimenting with reel-to-reel, loops, objects, etc..), a new absurd Videobasic cassette (??lenght/format), and a new floppy disk pearl by the great Les Placiens !


12 / 06 / 16 
a new VIDEOBASIC cass is now available on the italian label Dokuro
it's called Frakibacter and i have some copies for sale here....just ask

things are slowering, winter has still covered everything up with a warm blanket of white..
next year 2017 .. the idea is to tour with Gelba through the Alps, in spring... also i ll restart to set mini concerts and sonic settlements in the wild nature,in bivouacs , and similar ... this late year was a bit a mess , and i couldn't focus more on this thing!
Stay tuned! 

09 / 10 / 16
thinking about future...

well first of all, there are some new releases from my newest project VIDEOBASIC
one tape called Untitled has been lately released by the fine guys of the italian label Canti Magnetici

it 's pure analog magma and primordial tape-collage assemblage!
I have some copies of it here for sale!

then, it may take a while but here is a
list of tentatively-to-be-released stuff that will probably hit the road during this fall / winter:
tapes by Vluba , Manuel Knapp, Imposta Fabbricazione Spiriti, Ottaven, Kosmodrom, Dona Ferentes, and a new Videobasic ultra-lim tape
also a Lathe Cut 7" by Videobasic
a huuge re-press of  the tape "Electric hikings thru the deep valley of sonic madness" by Gelba.
Originally released in just 10 copies by Swollen Avantgarde in 2103, it featured the first live gigs and concerts of Gelba.
The second edition will be of 10 boxes (6Xcass) and 14 boxes (4XCDR) with lot of photos, info and some treasures!

27/ 08 /16
i have now copies of these new tape releases on some tiny good labels :

Tape Crash #15 My Cat Is An Alien / Gelba 

on Old Bicycle Records
 limited to 100 / sold out at source!

 Gelba / Caligine   split Tape 

on  Monstres Par Excess

"Electric hikings thru the deep valley of sonic madness" by Gelba / repress of a late ultra limited tape released on Swollen Avantgarde some years ago.... it will feature a lot of Gelba live material on some two deluxe box editions / 6Xcassette box and 4Xcdrs box...
Lately there will be tapes/ floppy disks / also vinyls probably a lathe cut:) by the likes of Videobasic, Surava ,  Dona Ferentes / Sissy Biasin collab tape, Ottaven, and many ....

21/ 06 / 16


mni tour spring 2016 // silkscreened poster limited to 25....still available!

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