domenica 29 novembre 2015

lonktaar N/Q

SCARNANZA - issue #13 (zine): new unholy handbook with enshrined epigrams to be codified, even more demented newspaper cuts, Lou Vlasblom's insane 65 meter cliff jump, and the inevitable market of shattered faces... Faber est suae quisque fortunae.
31 copies.

lonktaar N/Y

BARIMBO MANIACS - issue #1: this delicatesse (by Bisso) is a container of gig reviews, photos, interviews to artist/bands, various images/collage/art & nonsense stuff... This first issue is all about Japan ( and some of its more or less,unconscious ero-perverted imaginery).
Includes also an interview with great Japanese trash metal band Rosenfeld!!
16 pages, b/w A3 format, and every copy will be UNIQUE, because a bonus will be attached on the last page. There could be a gig flier,  manga clippings, some other art directly from the Land of the Rising Sun! Co-release BissoMultimedia/ Lonktaar.. Limited to ??, some copies are here, dntmss...

giovedì 12 novembre 2015


VIDEOBASIC - no title (Computape- one-side C30): twenty minutes (more or less) of totally unholy synth music and crazy tape loops analog collages: MS20 krg, homemade synths, effects, long tape loop extravagantia...Every copy is unique and features the original B-side of crackling noises typical of this old Commodore 64 video games tape!!
The art was done by me and Gabriele Gotini (both: Videobasic and C-Luet), homemade acrilyc black print on acrilyc white and pink cardboard, handmade insert...
Limited to 25 copies.


BEAR BONES LAY LOW - visions from limbus (C50) : new magical opus of rumbling electronics and heavy-smoked psychedelic deliciousness by our fav warrior Ernesto Gonzales...Seven tracks, a  mystical journey into bleak, crippled mantras, and hallucinating keyboardism!
This was co-released with Matteo/Swollen Avantgarde in an edition of 64 copies (two different versions: blue tape/yellow case - yellow tape / black case and blue art). 
No overdubs No pose