domenica 13 dicembre 2015


 KZ9- Con gli 80 euro di Renzi vado a trans (onesided C20): Ol' school Noise Core...blasphemous and hyper- violent deride opus from this Belluno-based noise-core paladins! This recording was taken live at the Poderoso Fest which took place in Romagna in May 2015! Other fine acts on the bill included Xtravagance Core, Aleander Rocciasana and some other fuckers...
Almost twenty minutes of rabid ugliness and a good document of that reaallly funny gig!!
Just 35 copies on recycled black sprayed tapes, and includes the original playlist and flier of the Fest!!

domenica 29 novembre 2015

lonktaar N/Q

SCARNANZA - issue #13 (zine): new unholy handbook with enshrined epigrams to be codified, even more demented newspaper cuts, Lou Vlasblom's insane 65 meter cliff jump, and the inevitable market of shattered faces... Faber est suae quisque fortunae.
31 copies.

lonktaar N/Y

BARIMBO MANIACS - issue #1: this delicatesse (by Bisso) is a container of gig reviews, photos, interviews to artist/bands, various images/collage/art & nonsense stuff... This first issue is all about Japan ( and some of its more or less,unconscious ero-perverted imaginery).
Includes also an interview with great Japanese trash metal band Rosenfeld!!
16 pages, b/w A3 format, and every copy will be UNIQUE, because a bonus will be attached on the last page. There could be a gig flier,  manga clippings, some other art directly from the Land of the Rising Sun! Co-release BissoMultimedia/ Lonktaar.. Limited to ??, some copies are here, dntmss...

giovedì 12 novembre 2015


VIDEOBASIC - no title (Computape- one-side C30): twenty minutes (more or less) of totally unholy synth music and crazy tape loops analog collages: MS20 krg, homemade synths, effects, long tape loop extravagantia...Every copy is unique and features the original B-side of crackling noises typical of this old Commodore 64 video games tape!!
The art was done by me and Gabriele Gotini (both: Videobasic and C-Luet), homemade acrilyc black print on acrilyc white and pink cardboard, handmade insert...
Limited to 25 copies.


BEAR BONES LAY LOW - visions from limbus (C50) : new magical opus of rumbling electronics and heavy-smoked psychedelic deliciousness by our fav warrior Ernesto Gonzales...Seven tracks, a  mystical journey into bleak, crippled mantras, and hallucinating keyboardism!
This was co-released with Matteo/Swollen Avantgarde in an edition of 64 copies (two different versions: blue tape/yellow case - yellow tape / black case and blue art). 
No overdubs No pose

sabato 26 settembre 2015


ECLISSE CREMISI - hybris (one-sided C60): two impro pieces for organ , guitars, and other unidentified soundscapes, plus two short invocations to astaroth brazen to 24 numbered copies.


VARIOUS - protesi acustiche @ Dirtmor / Treviso - 28th Febraury 2015 (2Xtapes box C60/C90): a massive document of one of the latest Protesi Acustiche, set by the great Toxic Ind.;  an amazing night at the great building in Via Pisa, the bill included:


This box includes two tapes with the entire live sets, one credit insert, the flier of the night, and a silkscrreened box cover. Co-released with Swollen Avantgarde..
Limited to 30 numbered copies.

lonktaar S/4

ECLISSE CREMISI - darkened sun shirt ...silscreened by C-Luet , some yellow and white shirts...


VENTA PROTESIX - futanari princess (7"-marbled pink): a new Venta Protesix hidden treasure , not to miss! VxPx is Italo Belladonna' s finest work of deranged digital massive ejaculation!
Nightmerish co-release between four labels (lonktaar, cipher prod, UPR, and drylungs), cover art by Zetha, and silkscreened black/red inlay on pink cardboard, limited to 300 copies!!


DANIELE PEZZI - plots secrets and phone taps (C60)- a bizzarre archive of sounds, field recs and audio researches and collection by italian photographer and film maker Daniele Pezzi.
Limited to 50 copies.

domenica 19 luglio 2015


ZEBRA MU / DONA FERENTES -split (C40): interesting connection between two unholy morons...Zebra Mu recorded some mess around using metal junk, feedbacks and obscure home-made sound sources, and later Dona Ferentes reprocessed and worked on some of these recordings...
a spectral piano salutes you after a bath of ear-crackling vibes, which slowly descends into a neverending tunnel of pure madness.
27 copies, black on red art by me, recycled sprayed tapes....


BURNT HILLS - see the light (C50): as the title suggests, this tape will bring you more than just some improvised music...this is a truly impressive display of wild psychedelic cosmic rock! Burnt Hills have found a magical alchemy of sounds, and their tornado-like change-tempos is perfect for any kind of cocktail pool-party!! Stoner rock?!? I don't think so...
55 copies, two different silk-screened covers - orange on purple and darkened blue on glittered red, grey numbered tapes, and an insert...


GELBA / HUMANS FUCK OFF - (c50) Long delayed split cassette between two Italian fine acts: Gelba deliver some intense tape loop extravagantia, and sweet melodies totally buried into a swamp of analog delay mess; HFO are Michele Scariot (dokuro,nodolby) and Asley Facchin, from Belluno, purchasing abrasive and hyper-distorted guitar heaviness...
Pro-dubbed tapes limited to 60 pieces, art by me and layout by Michele Scariot.
Massive co-release with Dokuro, Fanculo rec., and Swollen Avantgarde..

sabato 25 aprile 2015


VIPCANCRO & SIMON BALESTRAZZI - s/t-(C46) : astonishing and bleak collaboration between this alien-noise entity from Tuscany, and Simon Balestrazzi. Experimental music sessions using ambient sounds, field recordings, and obscure post-industrial vibes...
Featuring members of the glorious T.A.C., and of the great italian label Lisca Records.
43 copies, color cover and insert.


DONA FERENTES - esistenze catorcizzate (C46) : another miserable step into the lonely world of Dona Ferentes (aka me..); after having experimented a little with field recs-based ambient music, here is a triumphant return to some harsh-noise and psychedelic stuff: side A is a quasi stereo mistycal lo-fi session, side B is some never-released (mostly) psych pieces recorded during the last 2 years...
32 copies, silkscreeened cover by C-LUET, b/w insert...

mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015


#campfireSessions - 2013/2014 (2x C-90 + box) At last...this monster is ready to be delivered, guys!
In the latest two years i've been super-busy trying to conciliate my two deeepest passions: music and mountains...
Here you find a full three-hours-long documentation of field recordings taken in some remote places in the Apennines between Arezzo and Forlì, plus two entire (more or less) live gigs in some good bivouacs (performing with Trashsound and Rinus Van Alebeek).
Edition of 20 copies : two tapes , two color photos (every box have a different pair), two folded map inserts to find yourself the places (and visit someday, if you wish..), two more inserts with drawings and credits, and a special decoupage sachet (with painting, stones and flowers...).


LES LAPLACIENS - An 106 de Notre Ford (floppy disk) : this little gem by this unknown guy (well, obviously i know him, eheheh) is truly a masterpiece of post digital-era minimalism: a dense one-minute sound collage that synthesizes a business day with all his painful moments of eye-scraping distress!
18 copies , one b/w insert (that matches perfectly, imo..), stenciled silver art by me...

lonktaar S/3

LONKTAAR shirt // Palazzo Tamba // art by me, silk screen by Compost, darkened blue on white shirts...only 10 shirts, 3M-4L-3XL sizes... gone!!

lonktaar N/X

SCARNANZA issue #12 ('zine) - the latest Scarnanza 'zine focuses on Ufo's weird stories, reassembled old '80 tapes, mothers and prostitutes, Engadina, Foo Fighters going Nazi,  and obviously tons of splattered two-dimensions mingled face b/w collages!
Post-earthquake monkey drama meets idiosyncratic nocturnal ecstacy!
Edition of 30 copies. 30+ pages , silkscreened by Compost in 2 different thick paper (red/yellow)