giovedì 9 ottobre 2014


RINUS VAN ALEBEEK - Ranch (C30): Stories from the West Coast...I first met Rinus in Bologna- it was my first proper live appearance- and i was new to the world of the field recordings 'grabadoras; i remember being completely kidnapped by his vortex of tape memories coming out from some old recorders...almost 10 years has passed, i don't trash anymore my guitar - well not only- and i think we share this common passion so i'm always glad to help him!
This tape is actually a reissue of a limited self-released tape, spoken words and the sound of the wind and of some sorts of different environments and situations recorded in Berlin and California(!!).
From almost imperceptible murmurs to rumbling bass-filled tape manipulations. Amazing.
30 copies, cover silkscreened by Compost + insert.

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