giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

lonktaar38 / SA09

GELBA - fire-spitting ravines (one-sided LP) : this monstre is simply a single track of more than 20 minutes of sulphureous guitar / tape manipulation droning aura.... This slab of crumbling sounds was recorded live at Die Sonnenstube / Lugano on October 2013, while some few individuals could experience it in its purest form...Again, this torn in your spine is a good exercise in heaviness, it's the spectral realm of Gelba...
Co-released with Swollen Avangarde in an edition of 99 regular copies / some few ART editions too...
Cover silk-screened by Compost + insert.


RINUS VAN ALEBEEK - Ranch (C30): Stories from the West Coast...I first met Rinus in Bologna- it was my first proper live appearance- and i was new to the world of the field recordings 'grabadoras; i remember being completely kidnapped by his vortex of tape memories coming out from some old recorders...almost 10 years has passed, i don't trash anymore my guitar - well not only- and i think we share this common passion so i'm always glad to help him!
This tape is actually a reissue of a limited self-released tape, spoken words and the sound of the wind and of some sorts of different environments and situations recorded in Berlin and California(!!).
From almost imperceptible murmurs to rumbling bass-filled tape manipulations. Amazing.
30 copies, cover silkscreened by Compost + insert.


CHTRLTT - vol III (CDR) : final chapter of the CHTRLTT session... A collection of some latest raids on chatrooms, and at last a huge 20 min+ recording of a live set @ CCisim. After almost three years of harsh decay and disgust, this hallucinating project, using chatroulette field recs and absurd computer screamings and loathings, is taking a long hiatus, yet people truly deserved it!!
Edition of ???? / Polaroid cover courtesy of Daniele Pezzi