sabato 26 luglio 2014


GELO EXPRESS - a fàbrica de gelado de Benfica (C18):... this unknown Portuguese dude lives locked all the day in his laboratory doing mountains of ice cream, he only moves to see at what degree his lovely product is intended to liquefy, in a vain attempt to find a secret formula of ice cream which cannot melt ...
And in his spare time, he seems to enjoy with sick digital sounds and tiny and  ridicolous cut-n-paste ...
24 copies, Cucciolone-like format, tape of different colors (black, white, cream, egg, etc ... :))


A real DIY kit for a white noise generator... Enjoy this analog treasure entirely conceived by Gabriele Gotini(aka Trashsound / Dogorbiter Machines), build it at your house and use it in between your midnight electronic junk!!
Edition of ???