domenica 18 maggio 2014


DONA FERENTES - via rino cortesi  (FLOPPY DISK) : a single field recording composition (2:07 min) displaying a perfect example of weird italian country microcosmos...trucks, birds, postal letters thrown in the wind and some old women shouting at each other in my good ol'  Romagna dialect which I'm reaaaly deep into:)
9 exemplars exist, 9 different lithographs...


ECLISSE  CREMISI - cadaveri, stracci e lerciume nell'inferno sulla terra (C40) : a very minimal release from EC, it was put out very fast to commemorate a very satisfiyng and amazing mini tour with fella' Confraternita del Purgatorio (from Bari, cool guys!!) in mid-April, ...despite the shameful title, this tape collects some of the most alienating and cosmic sonic landscapes you'd ever heard from this terribly different from the live music which was vomited out on those days - it was like chewing pieces of glass and shitting it directly from the arse to the people...Booooffffiamo??
14 copies, anyone is different and features a letter of the name of the band, red-and-silver sprayed recycled tapes, insert and strong cardboard sprayed box...


VON TESLA - the sound of these machines (C60) : two sides of nightmarish yet majestic synth based electronic juggernauts from VT, the new monicker chosen by italian Marco Giotto ( Be Invisible Now! , ex-Squadra Omega)...
Once again Marco proves to be such really talented guy; the quietness and loneliness evoked by these two pieces bring you directly into some dreamy dimensions, storm waves gently suspended in the air for your ears' pleasure!
32 copies, 2 inserts and 2 different tape colours (blue and transparent) folded through a gold-sprayed black kraft!