venerdì 12 dicembre 2014


INNERCITY / RAISING HOLY SPARKS split (C50): on last spring, i was very glad to see Innercity and Dave Colohan perform at my house in the country...that was a mystical experience, and we cheated a lot about lost pandas and red strings in front of a good pizza!
Innercity is the synth-based project of Hans Dens, and here is joined by Bart De Paepe (sloow tapes) on guitar: side A is a collage of quasi-harsh shoutings, quickly developing in their quieter and softly smouldering drone counterparts...
Raising Holy Sparks is Dave Colohan's solo: the guy is active since decades in the Dublin underground scene, and he's playing also as Agitated Radio Pilot and as a member of the glorious United Bible Studies; side B is 20-min + of strings, shruti box and mellotron brew of melancholic and almost religious music...No word can describe the harmonious density of this stuff , it's like gazing a neverending sunset from the top of a sylvan pasture...
55 copies, artwork by Virginia Genta (troglosound/jooklo duo) and includes an insert.


DONA FERENTES / DAVIDE TIDONI / ANAKOR - live Oct-30th-2014 @ Tunnel- RN (C-15): lately this autumn, we went to an abandoned highway tunnel near Rimini, to perform live with an home-made PA system and battery-fueled pedals and electronics in front of a small and astonished crowd...
This tape is nothing more than a relic of that gig, some extracts of the sounds that were released there, intermingled with the cold and the nastiness of that incredible night...Soon you will know about something similar to happen in the same place for sure! Edition of 15 copies, black painted tapes...


ANAKOR / DONA FERENTES / DAVIDE TIDONI - split (C20): this is a weird display of musical anarchism...Anakor is Bagli Damiano' s solo, and his set is comprised of venomous lo-fi pitched frequencies and hallucinatory electronics; Davide Tidoni 's work focuses on spatialization of concrete sounds and studies on field recordings capture: here you find some funny fields he had taken a ton of years ago (1999) while on vacation with friends...and ultimately, a Dona Ferentes adventure: Davide sent to me some field recs he took while we were living together in the same house, and i worked on them, feeling hate and love about human condition... Edition of 21 copies, includes an errata corrige, some tapes are full orange, others are transparent with orange stickers...

giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

lonktaar38 / SA09

GELBA - fire-spitting ravines (one-sided LP) : this monstre is simply a single track of more than 20 minutes of sulphureous guitar / tape manipulation droning aura.... This slab of crumbling sounds was recorded live at Die Sonnenstube / Lugano on October 2013, while some few individuals could experience it in its purest form...Again, this torn in your spine is a good exercise in heaviness, it's the spectral realm of Gelba...
Co-released with Swollen Avangarde in an edition of 99 regular copies / some few ART editions too...
Cover silk-screened by Compost + insert.


RINUS VAN ALEBEEK - Ranch (C30): Stories from the West Coast...I first met Rinus in Bologna- it was my first proper live appearance- and i was new to the world of the field recordings 'grabadoras; i remember being completely kidnapped by his vortex of tape memories coming out from some old recorders...almost 10 years has passed, i don't trash anymore my guitar - well not only- and i think we share this common passion so i'm always glad to help him!
This tape is actually a reissue of a limited self-released tape, spoken words and the sound of the wind and of some sorts of different environments and situations recorded in Berlin and California(!!).
From almost imperceptible murmurs to rumbling bass-filled tape manipulations. Amazing.
30 copies, cover silkscreened by Compost + insert.


CHTRLTT - vol III (CDR) : final chapter of the CHTRLTT session... A collection of some latest raids on chatrooms, and at last a huge 20 min+ recording of a live set @ CCisim. After almost three years of harsh decay and disgust, this hallucinating project, using chatroulette field recs and absurd computer screamings and loathings, is taking a long hiatus, yet people truly deserved it!!
Edition of ???? / Polaroid cover courtesy of Daniele Pezzi

sabato 26 luglio 2014


GELO EXPRESS - a fàbrica de gelado de Benfica (C18):... this unknown Portuguese dude lives locked all the day in his laboratory doing mountains of ice cream, he only moves to see at what degree his lovely product is intended to liquefy, in a vain attempt to find a secret formula of ice cream which cannot melt ...
And in his spare time, he seems to enjoy with sick digital sounds and tiny and  ridicolous cut-n-paste ...
24 copies, Cucciolone-like format, tape of different colors (black, white, cream, egg, etc ... :))


A real DIY kit for a white noise generator... Enjoy this analog treasure entirely conceived by Gabriele Gotini(aka Trashsound / Dogorbiter Machines), build it at your house and use it in between your midnight electronic junk!!
Edition of ???

mercoledì 11 giugno 2014


____dREagan||| - UNDINE (c50) : after some really good releases on (his own) Sarutra's Music, Cantankerous Records, and Toxic Ind. , Belgium based musician Mikaël Spruyt is now very busy into painting some really cool canvas of ambient minimalistic reprocessed sweetness... Undine is one of these visions, and, as the artist states, it "tells the story of water nymphs luring people to their death in their lakes, using guitar, effects processor and laptop to create dark ambient." This seems to be the shortest way possible to describe a really beautiful,thoughtful and intense album .. Be submerged by awesome harmonia!
25 copies. Branded new tapes sprayed with orange, red and gold...and it includes a color insert!

domenica 18 maggio 2014


DONA FERENTES - via rino cortesi  (FLOPPY DISK) : a single field recording composition (2:07 min) displaying a perfect example of weird italian country microcosmos...trucks, birds, postal letters thrown in the wind and some old women shouting at each other in my good ol'  Romagna dialect which I'm reaaaly deep into:)
9 exemplars exist, 9 different lithographs...


ECLISSE  CREMISI - cadaveri, stracci e lerciume nell'inferno sulla terra (C40) : a very minimal release from EC, it was put out very fast to commemorate a very satisfiyng and amazing mini tour with fella' Confraternita del Purgatorio (from Bari, cool guys!!) in mid-April, ...despite the shameful title, this tape collects some of the most alienating and cosmic sonic landscapes you'd ever heard from this terribly different from the live music which was vomited out on those days - it was like chewing pieces of glass and shitting it directly from the arse to the people...Booooffffiamo??
14 copies, anyone is different and features a letter of the name of the band, red-and-silver sprayed recycled tapes, insert and strong cardboard sprayed box...


VON TESLA - the sound of these machines (C60) : two sides of nightmarish yet majestic synth based electronic juggernauts from VT, the new monicker chosen by italian Marco Giotto ( Be Invisible Now! , ex-Squadra Omega)...
Once again Marco proves to be such really talented guy; the quietness and loneliness evoked by these two pieces bring you directly into some dreamy dimensions, storm waves gently suspended in the air for your ears' pleasure!
32 copies, 2 inserts and 2 different tape colours (blue and transparent) folded through a gold-sprayed black kraft!

domenica 6 aprile 2014

lonktaar S/2

DONA FERENTES  Bat Skeleton shirt // art by me, silk screen by Trashsound and me...only 6 shirts, instantly gone!!

domenica 16 febbraio 2014


DONA FERENTES - A/M Narcotics . session1 - (C40) - I woke up this morning feeling someway bad...I remember a bit of my fuckin dreams, and it wasn't a good thing...There was a deep need of going harsher than those alienating dreams, so I started to record random harsh vibes from A/M Radios and shit directly into some ricycled 90 disco music tapes. Better than going to church on Sunday morning, for sure...
For the covers, I used the original cover of the disco mixtapes, cut and pasted into a single glowing collage.
Edition of 7 copies, everyone is unique.

lonktaar N/S

SCARNANZA issue #11 ('zine) - another shameless parade of minced , scrabbled faces... Just injecting another dose of b/w piss into yr veins. Here is a focus on sexism, Eremo di Camaldoli, and stinking of urine.
Hypnagogic behaviours meet ulcerative hatred.
Edition of 22 copies. 30 pages and a transparent insert.

domenica 5 gennaio 2014


TORBA - untitled (3") - After a ton of splits with the likes of Vomir, Luca Sigurtà, Zebra Mu and other fine noisy acts, our Berlin-based friend Mauro Diciocia and his hyper-pitched "harshdrone" project Torba gives us a taste of his always-evolving genius...Last spring we also shared a couple of gigs together here in Italy, and was good to see him working hard behind his mixer. This baby consists of a deep declaration of love for VHS: we got two compositions, originating from Werner Herzog's and Carmelo Bene's VHS samples and loops, which seems to generate a never-explored colorless parallel dimension. Lo-fi rumbling utter emptyness.
25 copies . B/W cover , plastic case and black insert.


CALIGINE / GELBA - split (C50) : side A is a glorious collection of three guitar/vocals songs by Gabriele De Seta, aka Caligine, a good friend who lives in China , and runs the incredible label Monstresparexcess... these some tracks were recorded in 2012, his deep voice filling some structured harmonic guitar lines... gentle types are not for the let-it-go-go ones...
Other side is another two-tracks-obliteration party by yours truly Gelba: gentle pastoral landscapes being tortured and disfigured by hyper-slowly saturations, then you'll experience some nightmarish field recs degrading into a single Basinski-like final loop...Nihil obstat quominus imprimatur.
33 copies , blue tape into a carboard case + insert.