domenica 7 aprile 2013


#campfireSession III - 50 minutes collection of sounds and impro collages on tape. Location is Bivacco Monte dei Gralli (di sotto), a mountain shelter deeep into the Apennines between Florence and Forlì.
Just sweet noises and voices, capturing the emotions of that night - nov 2012 (and also, some unknown guys were almost setting fire to the whole place, ehm..). Side B is more cracking, and is a sort of re-processing a couple of selected field recs...the result is some serious sonic nightmares.
Edition of 18 copies, transparent tissue paper cover and color insert.

++++++special edition+++++++

...following my enthusiasm on the "campfires serie" newly reburied from the past, i also decided to do a minimal re-press of the first two cd-rs on the serie. 8 copies only in a box, which includes also an insert with exhaustive infos.
Soon on next summer - to be followed by something similar - Campfire Session pt II !!