sabato 28 settembre 2013


CHALAQUE - augustus 's stealie (C40) -OhhhOhh, here is some serious psychedelia directly from Albyon!! Chalaque is the solo project of Nick Mitchell (Desmadrados Soldatos de Ventura, Float Riverer),  joined (once again) by Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides) on drums.
This is a one-sided tape which features an almost-20 minutes single track, Nick's gentle and thunderous  guitar being embroidered by garage-like drums, bells and other strange sounds: it tastes like that kind of heavy prog psychedelia made by High Rise and similar glorious bands in the late '80... Great stuff!
Edition of 50 copies , pink tape with tiny green bag + insert.


INSTRUMENTS  VIVANTS - s/t (C40) - Once again, another collaboration with some other musicians...
These are a couple of long, twisted and eerie compositions recorded in the countryside with Simone Marzocchi on trumpet, and Dario Boldrini (Imposta Fabbricazione Spiriti) on laptop and DigiReverb...
limited to some 19 copies...


ECLISSE  CREMISI - s/t  (CDR) :  After some years of gestation, my musical collaboration with Riccardo Poli and Mirko Girlando (aka Kranio Strasciolto) has finally taken a more definitive shape. EC’s is a music concerned with cosmic music manipulations - cacophonic lo-fi instruments, pedals and reprocessed voices - and filled with evocative majestic loneliness. Three guys enter their own respective inner self, coalescing it into a communitarian sensation, different sonic developements explode and gather to Earth...
27 copies in a heavy cardboard package + b/w insert.

domenica 14 luglio 2013


DONA FERENTES - la tua vita è un rudere (C-05 + photo) : two very short (yet glorious) DF compositions, any single copy (out of 20) comes with a shot of desolate abandoned country houses (using a Fuji Instax 200) , which I am reeally into, as they testify to me the wholelessness of modern world, a missing link between us and the past....thanks to Daniele Pezzi , which took some of the shots, and most importantly provided the camera!

mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

lonktaar N/Z

SCARNANZA issue #10 ('zine + CDR) - next step into the Scarnanza neverending schedule of flesh obsession:  the shameful experiments of the doc D E Cameron meet the same annoying awful parade of mince corpses...Electronic signals designed to implant hypnotic commands on the subjects are provided by five obscure noise/feld recs/cut'n'paste ridicolous projects:
30 + pages, green cardboard cover , as always hand-assembled... 
twenty numbered copies.

domenica 7 aprile 2013


#campfireSession III - 50 minutes collection of sounds and impro collages on tape. Location is Bivacco Monte dei Gralli (di sotto), a mountain shelter deeep into the Apennines between Florence and Forlì.
Just sweet noises and voices, capturing the emotions of that night - nov 2012 (and also, some unknown guys were almost setting fire to the whole place, ehm..). Side B is more cracking, and is a sort of re-processing a couple of selected field recs...the result is some serious sonic nightmares.
Edition of 18 copies, transparent tissue paper cover and color insert.

++++++special edition+++++++

...following my enthusiasm on the "campfires serie" newly reburied from the past, i also decided to do a minimal re-press of the first two cd-rs on the serie. 8 copies only in a box, which includes also an insert with exhaustive infos.
Soon on next summer - to be followed by something similar - Campfire Session pt II !!

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013


CHTRLTT - vol II (CDR): another astonishing incursion into the sick universe of chats and real time interceptions...this is actually the second of a trilogy: 6 new compositions using just disturbing audio frequencies (some painfully taken from the actual mics of laptop...) toy-like  tinimal synths, gnargled faces, bleak conversations, and absurd chat - related field recordings...Nasty and harsh senselessness!!
Edition of ??? / Polaroid cover courtesy of Daniele Pezzi