lunedì 16 luglio 2012


SEBORROIC MERDUM - debut // nasi marci - CDR - after two looong years, it's time for this at last..
Line up: Enrico, il Satanico Girarrosto (loops, falsetto, hammer) / Riccardo, il Ragazzo Prodigioso (guitar, choirs, onomatopea) / Michele, il Trituramissirizzi (loops, croaks, guitar, whatever). Random additional blessings: Pollo della Morte.
You need just few words: the dumbest shit ever, purè-grind of the finest quality. UI. 33 copies.


SQUANZOSAURO - S/T - 3" -  Comprising of Marino J. Malagnino (tapes, loops, teeth) , and Michele M. (bones,loops, tapes) , this is a compulsory tribute to the rawness and wildness of dinosaurs.... Two drunk guys freeze at midnight in a lost manor in the country, while challenging a dusty Jurassic Park VHS the right way... 22 copies


KRANIO STRASCIOLTO - ipotalami spappolati  (CDR)- Doses of ambient narcoleptic, loops made by liquified sausages, strangled percussions...
The solo project by Riccardo Poli now has a dozen of new hallucinatory chapters
whose duration varies from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Unclassifiable and amazing!
Edition of 50 copies - Cdr in hard plastic with gatefold insert.