domenica 25 marzo 2012


CHTRLTT - vol I (CDR) : it's finally available the first volume of another shameless Dona Ferentes-related yours truly (aka me) is trying to scare people all around the globe through one of the most infamous social network( aka Chatroulett).
A new, ridicolous concept of "noise" here is born: skeletal narcoleptyc melodies wive random field recs taken on the net, multi-language screams, ejaculating dicks, offensive statements, shitty pop music collapsing into my pc sound system.... fuck the planet!
Edition of ??? / Polaroid cover courtesy of Daniele Pezzi .


SUBURBAN HOWL - untitled (c60) : Stunning new tape for this amazing trio from Faenza (ita): being really good guys, and great companions of me into wild trips through the forest and up the Apennines, now I'm very proud to put out this session, which comprises 3 beautiful moments of truly amazing psychedelic music, reminiscent of early Labradford. Two guitars, effects and some odd and obscure home-built instrument conjure to suspend time into a vortex of musical poetry.
Edition of 30 copies / gold-embroidered art.