giovedì 6 dicembre 2012

lonktaar N/W

SCARNANZA issue #9 ('zine) - In these years of Scarnanza retaliations, many friends had advocated their enthusiasm, and asked to contribute with drawings, collages, putrid stuff, and above all, parades of faces of the worst kind!
80 + pages, color cover made from reproductions of paintings (Tintoretto, Mantegna, etc. ..) with psych-drawing cover,a tribute to the majesty of Graubunden landscapes, by me, any copy different and hand-assembled ...
Contributors: Matteo Poggi, Daniele Pezzi, Federico Barbon, Taylan Ipek, Vivian Grezzini, Collettivo Carmine and Riccardo Poli. Edition of 51 copies!


GELBA - night scanners EP (CDR) - First ultrasonic release from Gelba,a new guitar duo consisting of Matteo Poggi (Suburban Howl, Swollen Avangarde) and Mazzani Michele (Dona Ferentes, lonktaar): two guitars screaming and collapsing into a casket of effects and tape recorders!Edition of only 17 copies, covers made from an old Keiji Haino / Original Silence poster repainted and made almost unrecognizable!


Collaboration recorded live in Ivry-sur-Seine / April 2012. The duo Borisov / Nosova, also known as Astma, collides with the concrete music of parisienne Anton Mobin, achieving a new status !
Music for sorcerers with Parkinson's disease, suffocating slowness...
Edition of 37 copies - cd inserts packaged using pseudo-psych paper of old sewing magazines!

martedì 11 settembre 2012


POSEIDON // Manatee tribute ( 2X Floppy Disks/mp3) : analog, minimal and obscurely melancholic sound poetry inspired by the softness and the placidity of the Manatee' s lifestyle... 4 short lo-fi / ambient compositions to remember where we came from, or where we should have been before placenta...
only 10 copies , includes also a color insert.


D J BALLI // this is not a Vice mixtape! (c55) - From the dark corner of your local partyhouse, vomiting upon us poor junk people something like 50 minutes of insanely rough sounds, ranging from bone-shattering breakcore to virulent painful harsh minimal noise to fuckin mazurka, Riccardo Balli (impressum/ Dj Balli) proves again to be the leader of snargling borderline electonics... pulse, power, abrasion and mixing action collide in a true personal vision....
28 copies, any single copy comes with a different pair of legs on cover + 70/80' magazine collage on tape...

lunedì 16 luglio 2012


SEBORROIC MERDUM - debut // nasi marci - CDR - after two looong years, it's time for this at last..
Line up: Enrico, il Satanico Girarrosto (loops, falsetto, hammer) / Riccardo, il Ragazzo Prodigioso (guitar, choirs, onomatopea) / Michele, il Trituramissirizzi (loops, croaks, guitar, whatever). Random additional blessings: Pollo della Morte.
You need just few words: the dumbest shit ever, purè-grind of the finest quality. UI. 33 copies.


SQUANZOSAURO - S/T - 3" -  Comprising of Marino J. Malagnino (tapes, loops, teeth) , and Michele M. (bones,loops, tapes) , this is a compulsory tribute to the rawness and wildness of dinosaurs.... Two drunk guys freeze at midnight in a lost manor in the country, while challenging a dusty Jurassic Park VHS the right way... 22 copies


KRANIO STRASCIOLTO - ipotalami spappolati  (CDR)- Doses of ambient narcoleptic, loops made by liquified sausages, strangled percussions...
The solo project by Riccardo Poli now has a dozen of new hallucinatory chapters
whose duration varies from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Unclassifiable and amazing!
Edition of 50 copies - Cdr in hard plastic with gatefold insert.

sabato 30 giugno 2012

Lonktaar N/F

SCARNANZA issue#8 - 40 pages++'zine + plastic cover +
Cold flocks of anonymous beings announce the coming of a tenebrous age...May the least of us find a trustfull shelter to embrace their hopes and finally reach the sky...OT-6 and X-factor wannabes + scuplessless cunts not allowed. Edition of 27

sabato 9 giugno 2012


BELZEBU KATMANDU - varietads (CDR): a circular voyage consisting of five different musical moments on the same theme, recorded some weeks before going on tour through Europe... B/K/(Michele Mazzani/Davide Simonetti)  uses organic instruments and tape loop parts, with some heavy guitar/trumpet duets ripping the voodoo ritual void....five different colours, 19 copies only, almost gone while on the road.

giovedì 19 aprile 2012


FIELD RECORDINGS FROM INDIA - a collection of found sounds by JACOPO BISERNI (c60) :
in 2011 my good friend Jacopo travelled through India, and when he returned home he kept me listening to tons of amazing and beautiful sounds he caught there on air: here is 40+ minutes collection of some great moments of his spiritual journey in that deeply meditative outworld...
Cassette folded in brown paper, 2 inserts with photos and details (color+B/W), indian silk mini-saffi....25 copies

domenica 25 marzo 2012


CHTRLTT - vol I (CDR) : it's finally available the first volume of another shameless Dona Ferentes-related yours truly (aka me) is trying to scare people all around the globe through one of the most infamous social network( aka Chatroulett).
A new, ridicolous concept of "noise" here is born: skeletal narcoleptyc melodies wive random field recs taken on the net, multi-language screams, ejaculating dicks, offensive statements, shitty pop music collapsing into my pc sound system.... fuck the planet!
Edition of ??? / Polaroid cover courtesy of Daniele Pezzi .


SUBURBAN HOWL - untitled (c60) : Stunning new tape for this amazing trio from Faenza (ita): being really good guys, and great companions of me into wild trips through the forest and up the Apennines, now I'm very proud to put out this session, which comprises 3 beautiful moments of truly amazing psychedelic music, reminiscent of early Labradford. Two guitars, effects and some odd and obscure home-built instrument conjure to suspend time into a vortex of musical poetry.
Edition of 30 copies / gold-embroidered art.