domenica 11 dicembre 2011

lonktaar N/B

SCARNANZA issue#7 - 36 pages++'zine + postcard for subscription 2012.
Crypto-cathar collages and new scars and anathemas against St. Mayer and the never-ending fashion and media television + related sick propaganda...
22 copies full of rotten meat.


BOOK OF SHADOWS - festival of shadows 2xCDR
it took a while, but finally out is the last offering from this Texas-based psych duo .
Helped through their way by various musicians, friends and contributors , Carlton Crutcher and wife Sharon Crutcher create great, deep spiritual music: dark ambient uber-shattering visions, dreamy ecstatic chants and ballads. I'd call it "celestial music", though submerged into a very muddy, obscure mood, with ghost-like female vocals spreaded around, and you feel someway trapped into another strange dimension with no chance to escape...
44 copies. Glued b/w art on strong brown cardboard and rope string.

domenica 11 settembre 2011

lonktaar S/I

DONA FERENTES Ganesha shirt // art by me, silk screen print by dirtmor.
black on white, some few dark blue/green on white / size M-L
15 only exists.


EKUNHAASHAASTAACK - untitled tape (c60)
this guy from France produces some interesting nude analog crackles and blank sound wall madness. Cold and harsh waves and blistering stuff.
23 copies. Gravel-stuck case/sprayed orange tape.

lunedì 11 luglio 2011


SCARNANZA issue#6 - 30 pages++'zine
Carneade, carni peste, moltiplicano le orride sentine a cielo aperto.
La ierofantica processione di facce carnali incede ad una velocità folle: in un mondo capovolto, pare la scelta + sensata....
25 esemplari.


KRANIO STRASCIOLTO- kitarre riverberatissime a altri detriti sonori CDR
Corollario perfetto ad un discorso di carne. Suoni ambient-noise, chitarre sfibranti e lattiginose,
sangiovese di romagna,abrasioni da manovale e curiose amenità...
30 copie con figurina annessa.

martedì 22 marzo 2011


DONA FERENTES - rex mundi // VHS box // contains a tape +bizcard+ 3 inches CDR
Appearently useless and rough DF recording sessions from the late year collected into a huge VHS box: cosmic ethereal loops extravagantia, Dahmer-inspired requiems about catharism, massive obliteration... 9 copies

martedì 1 marzo 2011


SCARNANZA -#5- 40+ pages zine +CDR
sardonic vultures and squeezed identities mercilessly revealed...Marsh-mallow people as the result of 35000+ years of nonsense...The religion of sex ultimately mocked.
This new issue of the 'zine, featuring the usual random b/w mess around the topic
of a thousand corpses 'couldron, baptized with a more than appropriate companion: a 13 tracks compilation: horrible sounds by the likes of Urticetum, Tomowatase, Bestial Grin, Lorbo, Paleozoic Abusers, etc... limited to 30 copies /