domenica 5 dicembre 2010


Seth Salmonella - Trashsound -- em jardim do palacio do cristal -- stamped CDr with 2 color/bw inserts. Co-released w/Trashsound rec.
9 tracks of flowered psych free impros caught on air while chilling in a beautiful park in Porto (portugal). Good morning , good vibes. Return to sleep...
Limited to 30 copies.


Dezroyadam / Dona Ferentes split -- cdr with xeroxed red/green paper.
It was an hot summer. Two radion minds met in the sunburned Venice. Four tracks of intense tape manipulation and guitar snortings recorded at the Oratorio San Ludovico, ancient tabernacle in the heart of the Laguna.
25 copies

domenica 20 giugno 2010


Dona Ferentes -- UMORI LERCI -- one-sided tape limited to 14 copies / B/W paste on brown cardboard.
Another step into the DF post-esoteric cerebral magma...the concept is someway sex, kinky sex, and the stereotypical porno-wannabe human relics of these current days. The real heritage of this overturned Christianity is nothing more than its parody, a good regulated and polite pervert lifestyle, promoted on body exhibition and encouraged by so-called lay Atheists as " freedom and love". They know that sex is the first and last consumerist impulse: ergo the chaste is the sinner and he has to be scorned and destroyed...think about that...


THE DRAGON SPEAKS - cdr - an entire live set recorded in Zagreb on last winter: TDS is a noisy beast evoked by italian braves Subhurban Howl and Fukte. Here the crowd/ horde of people is slowly and painfully submerged into a cold bath of angry vibes. A slashing live collaboration! - painted cardboard+ infos / 21 copies

sabato 30 gennaio 2010


EMME!- untitled 3"-- 2 Tinnitus-inducing percussive sorceries from this hidden guy based in Milan. Metallic roamings caught during a really muggy day in July 2009. sprayed mini-cd/21 copies.