sabato 22 aprile 2017

lonktaar N/J

SCARNANZA - issue#15 (zine) : a new special one... It's conceived as a old' days fanzine. with musical reviews ( dungeon synth, basic synth music, and noise stuff...), collages made out of  '80 classical GameBook illustrations, and a very special interview with the guy behind black/ambient project SLOWMANTRA (ita)!
Flesh eating papers and lurid collages are obviously intermingled in between, sardonic statements ever lasting...
Purple cardboard cover , handnumbered edition of 25 + some b/w bootleg copies exists too....

venerdì 7 aprile 2017

lonktaar S/5


GELBA - Electric hiking thru the deep valley of sonic madness (box / 3x C-90 + 3x C-60) : a massive collection of Gelba recordings, rehearsals and live gigs from 2010 to almost nowadays...this is a monster re-press of a cassette (every copy was unique) originally released on swollen avantgarde,..It features a booklet with all the infos you need , a map insert and some strange stuff all included in a recycled tape box with silkscreened to 10 copies.

lunedì 30 gennaio 2017


ZEBRA MU - flexi loop tape (tape loop / 4 sec.) : a really amazing and challenging collection of tape loops by UK sound artist Michael Ridge; nasty snatch-and-scrape bruitism on modified flexi vinyls is the original source for all the loops recorded.
Black recycled tapes, every tape is put into an handmade letter set which includes also an insert and a flier of the label.
Edition of 20 copies.


DONA FERENTES - game of drones (tape loop / 4 sec.) : first release in an ongoing new serie dedicated to cassette loops; found sounds, voices, dumb farts and other sonic relics, recorded in a tawdry way with poor equipment...that's what I collect for my loops; these were eventually used on my past/present live sessions, or are pretty new, anyway that's what you'll get, a piece of my set! 
Virtually infinite edition, recycled tape, coloured wax seal on back and insert.

martedì 15 novembre 2016


MANUEL KNAPP - call of Aokigahara (C-45) : Manuel is currently playing lot of gigs around expecially in Japan, and he regularly shares the stage with the likes of Astro and Tim Blechmann; he's working with analog/digital intricate and dense layers of harsh sounds...Side A is a spacey analog synth composition, while side B a long piece for seven trumpets....
30 copies , includes two inserts, black cardboard shell (hand-numbered on the back) and black/transparent tape.


IMPOSTA FABBRICAZIONE SPIRITI - pura barberia (C-45): lo-fi electronics. shredded contact mics ,creepy and detuned crazy atmospheres from the wastelands of the italian soil....IFS is Dario Boldrini's solo and the guy is a serious oneironauta ,and the ideal companion for late night post-industrial / concrete music endurances.
25 copies


STOSSAVIA - untitled (3") : Deadly harsh noise vibes for another night deep into chainsaw-indulging consciousness, where dreams become a radical soap-like saliva, and we smell of incense and burned blades...20  copies.